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About the Library Stock

The library stock of the Museum of Russian Icon numbers about 10,000 books : these are monographs and theoretical studies on the history of art, catalogues of museum and private collections, albums. Most of the books are dedicated to the monuments of the Old Russian painting, architecture, and applied arts, but there are also writings on the art of the countries of the Byzantine world and Christian Ethiopia. Noteworthy is the considerable collection of catalogues of foreign exhibitions and the largest auction houses – Christie's, Sotheby's, and MacDougall's. Also available at the library is a selection of dictionaries and reference books on a wide circle of questions related to the Old Russian art.

Opening Hours

According to the development plans, the Library of the Museum of Russian Icon will be available to visitors upon prior reservation. The opening hours are to be determined.

Library catalogue

The library catalogue listing all the available books will be available on-line soon.