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Byzantine Applied Art of the 6th–14th centuries

60 Baptismal Cross 79 Encolpion Cross 1-2 Candlesticks 73 Encolpion Cross 74 Encolpion Cross 3 Sanctuary Cross 71 Sanctuary Cross 72 Sanctuary Cross 70 Sanctuary Cross 76 Polykandelon with Pendants and Crosses 1 Saint Spyridon

The Byzantine collection of the Museum is unique in its composition, old age and the creative value of the monuments which remain unmatched even in comparison to the collections of the largest Russian state museums. They give us a chance to at least partially reconstruct the rich interiors and church spaces of the Byzantine Empire, as well as get a vivid idea of the numerous decorative objects which were brought in during the pre-Mongolian times to adorn the churches of the newly christened Kievan Russia.