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Charitable work is an important aspect of the activities of the Museum of Russian Icon. The museum supports publication of art-related books; in particular it provides regular financial support to the Russkoye Iskusstvo (“Russian Art”) magazine. It supports restoration and reconstruction of cloisters and churches; for example, funds were allocated to Resurrection Cathedral in Nizhnaya Debrya street in Kostroma. Mikhail Abramov, as the founder of the Museum of Russian Icon charitable foundation, is a member of the board of guardians of the St. Savva Starozhevsky monastery. In 2006 three icons were turned over to the monastery: “The Resurrection – The Descent into Hell”, “Fiery Ascension of Elijah the Prophet with Twelve Hagiographical Border Scenes”, and “Old Testament Trinity”. In the recent years the owner of the Museum presented more than ten icons to different churches and cloisters – St. Nicholas church in the village of Aksinyino of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, St. Nicholas church in Otradnoye, church of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God in the Troitse-Lykovo Estate, Russian town church in the city of Bari in Italy, church of St. Sergius of Radonezh which was opened not long ago under the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. As the latest charitable act, the ancient icon of The Virgin Hodegetria (Georgian) of the third quarter of the XVI century was turned over to the church of the Holy Trinity of the town church of the St. Savva Starozhevsky stauropegial monastery (settlement of Priazovsky of the Temryuksky district of the Krasnodar territory).
If charity is considered as an act of love and life-assertion, then there is hope that the goal of the Museum of Russian Icon, which is to preserve, rescue, study the works and monuments of art and to present their holy beauty to people, is being gradually achieved…